Art Nouveau Pattern

Art Nouveau Pattern

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A good starter lamp for a beginner, the 7 inch Art Nouveau Globe is a simple eight repeat design, yet with enough challenge to interest an experienced lamp maker. This very beautiful old design may be made in a variety of color combinations. The original design colors were main background - sea green; borders - rose pink; and highlights - white opal. Uses a 2 inch vase cap (# V20).

To create a Tiffany heirloom, choose a pattern package of your favorite design along with the corresponding Styrofoam form.

Create a beautiful Art Nouveau shade using this 7 inch diameter pattern. This shade draws from the Art Nouveau style popularized in the early 20th century and features a distinct tiered grid pattern that repeats eight times around the shade. This shade also incorporates an irregular bottom edge.

Cut your glass to each pattern piece, foil and attach your pieces to the form with glass head pins. Then solder together and stand back to admire your new lamp!

Construct different lamps on the same form by changing the patterns for another design in the same series.

For a complete Worden Lampshade Kit, order a form PLUS a pattern.
(i.e: A #C20P Form and a #C20-12 Rose Pattern.)

Each pattern package includes instructions, color suggestions, and material requirements.
Patterns with a 'K' suffix are kits that include either brass filigrees or castings to complete your lamp in the most authentic manner.