Single Waffle Grid

Single Waffle Grid



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Single Waffle Grid

The Waffle Grid is an interconnecting grid which allows the user to configure the shape of their work table. Through its unique design, you can configure around a corner, as a connecting backsplash or even randomly turn up individual grids to have a smooth area amid a pocketed area. This would give you an area to score small pieces. Made of high impact Lexan, the surface of the 1/2-inch pockets is rounded smooth to allow your glass to glide. The Waffle Grid see through material allows the use of a template to be placed underneath such as an angle guide. Excellent light transmission for a lightbox. Modular design allows you to have one small surface of 11.25 inches by 11.25 inches square or a large surface of unlimited size by interconnecting many grids. Dimension does not get lost when adding more grids. If you wish to store your grids, simply stack them and place in a drawer.
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