Jen-Ken Bonnie Glo Fiber Kiln 15"x6"

Jen-Ken Bonnie Glo Fiber Kiln 15"x6"



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Product Description

***We just got one kiln delivered on 12/6/21.  Once it's gone, we'll be back to waiting 4-6 months for another***

Bonnie Glo Tall Fiber Kiln

This unique all fiber kiln is really quick. Since its made from fiber the heat is absorbed by the glass and not the kiln. This allows you to do a few firings a day. The fiber does not absorb the heat like fire brick which means a fast cool down. No shelf is needed, you can use fiber paper on the bottom, kaiser lee board, or lava cloth. This kiln comes standard with the Orton AutoFire 3 button controller. You can upgrade to the Orton AutoFire 12 button controller, Orton AutoFire Slide Touch Screen controller or the TAP controller.

Kiln Wash

Optional Upgrades:
Orton 12 Button Controller for more ease in programming
SLIDE Controller
Touchscreen TAP Controller

Optional add ons:
Solid State Relay with no moving parts these digital age relays reduce the chances of kiln failure drastically
Fiber Shelf for easy assembling of projects on your workstation and then move it to the kiln.

Interior Dimension: 15" Diameter x 6" Tall
Max Temp: 1700F
Volts: 120V
Amps: 15A
Watts: 1560W
Recepticle: 5-15R
Breaker: 20A
Circuit Wire Gauge: 14Ga
Kiln Weight: 25 lbs
Ship Weight: 45 lbs

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