Jen Ken Bonnie Glo Tall Fiber Kiln 15''x9''

Jen Ken Bonnie Glo Tall Fiber Kiln 15''x9''



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Product Description

Jen Ken Bonnie Glo Tall Fiber Kiln 

This all fiber kiln is really quick because it is made from fiber reinforced heat insulating material.  Most of the heat is absorbed by the glass and not the kiln. This allows a painter or fuser to do a few firings a day. The cooldown is also very quick since the fiber does not absorb the heat like fire brick.  This kiln comes standard with the Orton Digital 3-key controller. You can upgrade to the Orton AutoFire 12-key controller,  Autofire Slide controller or the TAP controller.

Break free of the limitations of fire bricks!  You can fire glass as fast as the glass can take the heat.  For fusing glass, no shelf is needed, you can use fiber paper right on the floor of the kiln, or Kaiser-Lee board, or lava cloth. 

If you choose to use kiln furniture (posts and stone shelves) then you have to use a standard slow firing schedule.  The same is true for sluming over or into ceramic molds, a ramp rate of 300 degrees per hour to account for the thicker piece of glass and the ceramic mold.

  • INCLUDES: Kiln Wash
  • INCLUDES: Stand
  • INCLUSES: Manual
  • Pre-set firing schedules are built in
  • Extra memory for user designed firing schedules too!
  • Handles for Moving 
  • Max Firing Temp is 1,700°F
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty. 
  • Interior Dimensions: 15" circumference x 9" depth
  • Voltage: 120 volts, Amperage: 5 amps, Watts: 1,800 watts
  • Receptacle: 5-15R 
  • Shipping Weight: 50# because of box size
  • Ships via UPS

  • Controller Upgrade
  • Fiber Shelf
  • Upgrade relays to Solid State Relays
These kilns are made upon order.  Please allow 10-12 weeks for shipment.
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