Jen-Ken 36'' Square Pro-Fusion Kiln with 12-Button Controller, 240V, 38"x26x12"

Jen-Ken 36'' Square Pro-Fusion Kiln with 12-Button Controller, 240V, 38"x26x12"

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***Due to manufacturing delays, all kilns are currently on a 4-6 Month processing time. ***

Introducing Jen-Ken Kiln's ProFusion 38 !  At 26 width" x 36" length x 14" deep it's big enough to handle your larger work.  The top is all rigid fiber with the elements incased in quartz tubes.  The tubes hang below the lid to emit the maximum heat possible.  It comes with an intigrated stand with casters, 1 - 25" x 36" Fiber Shelf, 1 - 24" Square clay shelf and a 24" by 12" rectangle clay shelf, 8 short kiln posts and a bag of kiln wash.  The stand puts the floor of the kiln at about 34" high; the perfect height for ease of loading. Or  you can simply assemble the piece right at the kiln with no leaning over to put the shelf or glass project in.   The lid is spring-assited, so it feels EXTREMELY light for it's size. The floor is made of separate kiln bricks that are NOT cemented together, for easy replacement in the event of an accident.  The controller is seperate from the kiln, eliminating heat issues, and can be attached to the side of the kiln on a tilt or wall mountable at eye level. 

Jen-Ken Kilns has made a 25" by 36" 1 inch fiber shelf that comes with the ProFusion 38. It is made out of the same rigid fiber material as the kiln.  The benefits are no seams when fusing, and when this fiber shelf is placed flat on the floor of the kiln for even support then it becomes and all fiber kiln on the inside.  All fiber kilns can fuse glass with amazing speed with the glass on the fiber shelf.   It is a clay shelf that holds the glass back, because the glass has to heat at the same rate as the shelf.  The idea is that glass on a fiber shelf the glass can heat and fuse quicker and that by eliminating the brick the kiln can travel quicker up and down.   A clay shelf holds the glass back from quicker turn around times.  Two firings a day are possible for the busy studio and for the teaching studio the kiln is about room temperature the next morning.

Please know that a fast fusing kiln. does not mean that it is a fast slumping kiln.  Molds and the now thicker fused glass do not like to be heated quickly for the slumpy firing.   

Ever just wanted to fuse a full sheet of glass because you just loved it so much.  Well that is one reason we made this kiln. 
and the other reason is that we wanted a kiln that is a squared off version of our oval kiln. Here it is an kiln converted to a kiln with counterhigh shelf, lid lifters, controller on the wall away from the heat, and fast.  No more rounded shelf ends like in an oval.  Bigger kiln, lighter, less power and a great choice for the fuser.    It is a great kiln for a garage with a large door. but if for a smaller door the top section can come off and fit through a 36" door. Please call for help if this is needed.