Glastar G8 All-Star Grinder 110V

Glastar G8 All-Star Grinder 110V

Code: GLA30800



Product Description

The All-Star is the grinder of choice for the art glass professional and is the standard all other grinders are judged against. For efficiency, performance, and reliability, there is no finer grinder available today. The All-Star is the only grinder that offers a built-in water pump/mini table which provides a surface to grind very small pieces of glass with a 1/4" grinding head.

  • A work surface 20% larger than most other grinders.
  • A motor which produces 67% more torque than its nearest competitor (motor speed 1/9 HP, 3560 RPM).
  • 42 Inch-ounces breakdown torque.
  • Permanent split capacitor motor design, which results in smoother and quieter operation.
  • A glass eye shield with 8 X 9 lens that is more scratch-resistant than plastic lens
  • Permanently "bonded" diamond grinding surface on the 1" main grinding head and the 1/4" grinding/drilling head.
  • Roller-type adjustable straight edge guide.
  • Convenient coolant drain.
  • Flexible rubber splash guard.
  • Comes with Glastar's exclusive built-in accessory drawer
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