Gina McGuire

Need the perfect glass for your project? Gina will help you find it.

As an artist, Gina is skilled in shaping an idea into something tangible. Empowered by her creative spirit and thoughtful problem-solving, she knows how to bring your dream works to life. Before joining the crafting community Gina worked in healthcare. Her resume boasts her methodical, attentive, and passionate nature for others. She looks forward to applying new ideas, techniques and colors to her art and helping customers find the something special that speaks to them.

From the store’s workshop to her in-home art studio, Gina is always constructing new works and is full of tips and tricks. In her spare time, she looks forward to starting art projects with her family and watching the Sarasota sunshine filter through her glass pieces. Ask about her flying fish or butterfly next time you stop in!