George McGuire

Like many people, George often admires the stained glass that he sees in art shows, in homes, and in public spaces. Fueled by the desire to have stained glass in his home and to give stained glass pieces as gifts, he took a class! With a background in Civil Engineering, the careful steps required to transfer a design from the printed page to the glass and the crafting required to shape and join those pieces of glass into a completed project made sense to him. His glass designs are heavily influenced by his engineering knowledge and he strives to create projects that are indestrucible. That is, knowing that stained glass art pieces often become family heirlooms, passed through several generations, he wants to build them to last!

George likes to work with copper foil and leaded panels, and he's completed several fusing projects, plus a few 3-D pieces too!

George regularly teaches our blown glass ornamanets/watering bulbs class. That's fun for everyone!

George and his lovely wife Gina are the proud owners of Glass Crafters.