Diamond Laser 5000 Portable Wet Band Saw - Glass Setup

Diamond Laser 5000 Portable Wet Band Saw - Glass Setup

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Product Description

The Diamond Laser 5000 Bandsaw makes intricate cuts in tile, marble, granite, travertine, porcelain and glass up to 3/4 inch thick with ease, speed and comfort - the key is its three-wheel system. The top wheel assembly pivots on a separate bearing with suppressors controlling its motion. By absorbing more vibration, the saw is capable of extremely effective blade-material contact. With the blade tensioning knob directly connected to the top wheel assembly, accurate adjustments can then be made. This portable band saw is a contractor's best friend.
  • Long lasting diamond coated stainless steel blades
  • 12 inch throat for deep diagonal cuts
    15 inch x 13 inch cutting table with miter guide for precision angle cutting
  • 1/2 HP variable speed motor for more controlled cutting
  • Recirculating water pump with removable water tray keeps saw running clean
  • Rugged and portable for on-site use
  • Includes TWO 3/16 inch (4.5mm) fine grit blades (140-170 grit) for smmoth cutting glass, tile, stone and porcelain, up to 3/4 inch thick
  • Coarse grit blade sold separately.
  • Full Three Year manufacturer warranty, instruction manual and tech support.
  • Need a different voltage or plug? See below.

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