Total for components of Deluxe Supply Package =  Discount for DSP at $249.99

Total for components of Deluxe Supply Package = Discount for DSP at $249.99

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Product Description

Get everything you need to get started in glass art in one convenient package with a discount too! This Deluxe Supply Package contains tools, supplies and a mixed pack of glass to get you jumpstarted on your art. (Any of these items can be substituted or upgraded for the difference in price by calling in to place your order)
  • Book, Introduction to Stained Glass. This is our favorite beginners textbook for glass art, covering all the basic techniques and steps to making beautiful things.
  • Hakko Red 503 Soldering Iron. A solid and reliable student level soldering iron.
  • Combo Grozer/Breaker Pliers. This standard and versatile tool is your absolute necessary hand tool for breaking and trimming glass.
  • Clear Fitover Safety Glasses. These clear durable plastic glasses fit over your standard glasses or provide wide area protection even if you don't have glasses.
  • Value Pencil Grip Glass Cutter. A great student pencil style glass cutting tool. Used to score glass in order to break to fit.
  • 7/32" Copper Foil. The most used copper foil in a standard width, used to wrap your glass for soldering.
  • Amerway Brand 60/40 Solder. A standard and reliable brand of solder in common 60/40 lead tin ratio, used for most glass projects.
  • Canfield Liquid Soldering Flux. A jar of flux, a catalyst for prepping your foil for soldering.
  • Flux Brush. A basic rough brush for applying flux.
  • 12" Cutting Square. A 12" long hard plastic 90 degree angle square for cutting straight lines.
  • Fine Glass Marking Pen (Black) A black marker/pen for tracing cut lines and patterns on your glass.
  • Novacan Cutting Oil. Fill or dip your cutting tool in this oil to keep it lubricated and the wheel clean.
  • Gryphon Gryphette Glass Grinder. A small but durable glass grinder for shaping and smoothing glass after cutting.
  • Soldering Iron Control. A simple rheostat for controlling the power and thus heat level of your soldering iron.
  • Beginner's Pot Luck Glass Pack. Contains 10 sheets of a variety of colors and types of glass so you can begin your first project!