Amerway Decorative 63/37 Solder

Amerway Decorative 63/37 Solder

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Amerway 63/37 "Topaz" (Decorative) Wire Solder
0.062" diameter
1 pound spool

TOPAZ - 63/37 Thin Wire Solder makes decorative soldering easy. The thinner diameter (1/16”) gives you better control of the size and spacing of your decorative elements. You can create the smallest dots and the most intricate decorative seams to enhance your stained glass projects. The “instant freeze“ property makes this solder a favorite with anyone doing decorative soldering.
  • Composed of 63% tin and 37% lead (Sn63/Pb37)
  • Instant freeze solder
  • Melting point: 361°F, solidifying at 361°F
  • Best for decorative soldering
  • Made in the USA: Altoona, PA