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What makes this cutter different?
Cutter's Mate glides effortlessly across the glass while maintaining a constant 90 degree angle to the surface. You will experience greater comfort and ease in scoring glass. The cutting head can be rotated a full 360 degrees, giving you the ability to cut any shape you can draw or trace. You can even score glass while sitting down! Great for the beginning and experienced artisan.

Features of the Cutters Mate Glass Cutter

  • CSG-10 oil-fed cutting head. The oil reservoir extends through the handle for easy filling
  • Modular construction for one-step assembly and storage. Ready to use right out of the box
  • Rubber feet for use on a tabletop, bench surface, or light table
  • Compatible with the Waffle Grid
  • Low maintenance
  • All painted surfaces are powder-coated to resist chipping and scratching
  • Can remain on your work area when not in use.  Simply swing the arm out of the way
  • Large, comfortable Grab-on foam grip handle eliminates strain normally experienced while scoring glass.
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