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The Creators Bottle Neck Cutter is a revolutionary, easy to use tool, which allows you to quickly and safely cut the neck off a bottle to use in your glass art projects. Made 100% in the USA, the Creators Bottle Neck Cutter gives you a precision cut each and every time. Simply set the stabilizing plug in the bottle opening, adjust the height of the score by turning the knob, hold the sides of the cutter firmly and then rotate the bottle while applying pressure. It's that easy! The patented design is made of virtually indestructible poly-carbonate plastic with a carbide cutting head. Able to cut tapered and straight bottles from half-inch (.5") to a depth of approximately four-and-a-half inches (4 ½ ), you will be making vases, terrariums, glass guitar slides, unique napkin ringsand whatever your imagination can come up with, in minutes. As a special bonus also included is one 6 inch grinding stone for finishing the edges. Package includes one (1) black bottle neck cutter, one (1) carbide cutting head (installed) and one (1) 6 inch grinding stone for finishing the edges. Thermal shock method used to separate the bottle neck from the bottle after scoring. Instructions included. Creator's Bottle Neck Cutter.