Copper Foil Package

Copper Foil Package

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Product Description

This is a great starter pack of copper foil and foiling tools!

  • 1 Roll of 7/32 Copper Back Foil
  • 1 Roll of 7/32 Black Backed Foil
  • 1 Roll of 7/32 Silver Backed Foil
  • 1 Pair of Pattern Shears for Foil, Special scissors with a middle blade to remove just the right amount of paper between your pattern pieces for copper foil work!
  • 1 Copper Foil Roller: Hand tool with a rolling plastic wheel for burnishing/rubbing your foil tightly to the glass
  • 1 Copper Foil Dispenser: A handy way to keep your foil upright, separated, and easy to peel away