Gryphon Convertible "Twister" Glass Grinder

Gryphon Convertible "Twister" Glass Grinder




Product Description

The Gryphon Covertible Grinder offers a revolutionary advance in comfort. By simply rotating the base, the grinding surface converts from horizontal to inclined. For the first time, you can sit while grinding. Even if you stand, the inclined work surface reduces fatigue because you no longer need to stoop over your work to see what you are doing.

The Gryphon Convertible Grinder is supplied with two grinding bits, a 1" and a 1/4". Of course the grinder can except all other sizes of bits as well, of any standard shaft size. 

A new electric automatic pump supplies a reliable and constant flow of water directly to the bit regardless of saw orientation. The use of a sponge is optional with the electric pump.


- Second story platform

- Two bits

- Face shield

- Five year limited warranty

Need a different voltage or plug? See below.

Code: TWISTER220
Price: $229.99