Total for components of Beginning Tool Package =   Discount for BTP at $99.99

Total for components of Beginning Tool Package = Discount for BTP at $99.99

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Product Description

A great way to get all your own tools at a discount! The only essential tools not included in the Beginning Tool Package are a solderingiron controller and a grinder, which are available separately.
  • Introduction to Stained Glass, the Book: A great handbook for the beginner in glass art, or a handy reference tool for the more experienced.
  • Hakko Red 503 Soldering Iron: A good entry level soldering iron for learning and practicing your art. The even heat makes for easier soldering.
  • Combo Grozer/Breaker Pliers: Every glass artist needs these handy pliers for basic breaking and grozing of glass.
  • Clear Fit Over Safety Glasses: These clear safety glasses will fit most faces, with or without prescription glasses underneath.
  • Value Pencil Grip Glass Cutter: A steel carbide head glass cutter, in the standard pencil grip shape. Needed to score glass for breaking.
  • 7/32" Copper Foil: Basic copper foil in the standard width, 7/32" is the most commonly used foil.
  • Amerway brand 60/40 Solder, made in the USA
  • Novacan Soldering Flux: Basic flux to prepare foil for soldering.
  • 1 Flux Brush: A simple brush for applying flux or patina. Do NOT mix chemicals on one brush. At their normal cheap price, get extras!
  • 12" Cutting Square: Helps you cut straight lines or make 90 degree corners.
  • 1 Fine Black Marking Pen: This black pen marks excellently on glass, though may be hard to see on darker glass. We do offer a white paint marker as well in those cases.
  • Novacan Cutting Oil: Always use oil with your glass cutter!