*Glass Fusing Supply Package

*Glass Fusing Supply Package

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Product Description

Get started with glass fusing with this package deal!


- Introduction to Glass Fusing, Book. A thorough introduction to glass cutting and fusing methods and techniques
- Ceramic Fiber Board. A thick layer of ceramic fiber for laying your glass to be fused on in the kiln. 
- Shelf Primer. A pound of powdered shelf primer, to be mixed with water and applied in layers to kiln shelves to prevent sticking, as well as to molds. 
- Haik Brush. A very fine bristled bamboo brush for applying even layers of Shelf Primer. 
- Hot Mill Gloves. Thick heat resistant gloves for working with hot glass and lifting the kiln lid when hot to check on glass. 
- COE 96 Mini Pack. Contains 20 6x6 pieces of COE 96 Glass for fusing, in transparent, opal, and clear colors.